Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hello blogosphere how are you today?

My first post, hmm well this should probably be an explanation of motivations and desires for this blog... shouldn't it? I think it should, so here goes. The blog will be used to disseminate and construct my academic thoughts, ramblings, likes, dislikes, and hates (hopefully not too many of these). I shall also look to give my thoughts on wider ranging interests such as photography, sneakers, music and popular culture in general (whatever that actually means). Readers (you) should expect tangents, strange thoughts and well... just expect the unexpected. These thoughts do after all come from deep inside the mind of a Dave (readers beware: awful puns and bad jokes are also warrant to arise without explanation) ..... For more information regarding the physical 'Dave' in question you should probably go and have a little gander at the profile section :)

Until next time; Fly my pretties, Fly ....

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